The Monroe Motorsports mechanical weights and springs are setup for optimal performance. Most engines with medium to serious cams do not benefit from, need, or desire a vacuum advance. This is the type distributor intended for use with a cdi type box as well as an external coil. MM Pro Billet distributors can be used with any brand cdi box and has a universal butt connector for easy plug and play

Pro Billet Dist SB-CHRYSLER/DODGE MOPAR 318,340/60

SKU: MM6613R
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    • 273, 318, and 340. 360ci V8 engines up to 1989 Dodge, Plymouth, and Chrysler models
    • Maintenance Free Magnetic Pickup
    • Sealed ball bearings
    • Sintered Bushing
    • Hardened steel shaft
    • Tuned for Optimal Performance for Chrysler/Dodge  MOPAR 318, 340, & 360 V8 Engines