Monroe Motorsprots High quality brass terminals and a protective plastic dust cover that encapsulates the 65,000-volt coil. A new cast-aluminum housing featuring a machine polished finish contains new bushings, mainshaft assembly, and a hardened steel gear. Our HEI includes high-output module, centrifugal advance components, and adjustable vacuum advance canister.

HEI DISTRIBUTOR Ford 351C 429 460 Cleveland V8 Eng

$99.00 Regular Price
$64.35Sale Price
    • 351C, 351M 370ci (Truck engines only), 400,429 and 460 Cleveland V8 car and truck engines
    • Stock Replacement
    • E-Z One Wire Hookup
    • Hotter Spark for MORE POWER & efficient Fuel Management
    • Faster Engine Starts
    • Allows for a Wider Spark